I used to write gaming-related things on my LiveJournal, but since Kinja now has miniblogs for its users, might as well use it. ^_^

To start things off, a couple of months ago, I was trying out Kevlahnota's Muramasa HD Texture Pack for Dolphin. He did a good job of upscaling the textures up, I have no idea which scaling algorithm he used to achieve those results. However, I did notice since it's a simple batch scaling job, there were a couple of textures where the sharpness was over done and looked quite odd. And of course, since they're still taken from the original textures, you couldn't really restore detail to them.

As well as accepting the fact that Vanillaware will never actually release an official HD Muramasa they once pondered years ago, test-driving Kevlahnota's efforts somehow motivated me to take another look on my previous abandoned attempt. The main difference in my version was after scaling the textures up, I attempted to fix the results manually via the traditional method of actually redrawing some parts. This was especially needed for the alpha edges of the textures, since scalers seem to have a hard time with those.

I tried to finish Momohime's main texture set as much as possible, so here are some comparison shots of vanilla Muramasa vs Dolphin with FXAAtool:


Not sure whether Kinja will upload this in its actual size for a proper comparison. Anyway, I replaced her Kimono flower pattern from the one in official poster artworks, and tried to draw back in the flower patterns on her obi sash. Also put back in the detailings of her sword scabbard. Last but not least, the flowers in her hair are also retoned according to official art as well. There are still a lot of errors, like the part where her kneesocks meet the thigh, and the masking for the flowers.

Sadly, since she became quite detailed compared to the rest of the graphics, Momohime immediately looks out of place compared to the rest of game visuals, ahahaha.


EDIT - Oh, forgot to mention that Dolphin could also run in stereoscopic 3D via 3Dvision/TriDef/IZ3D, one of the things the original Wii couldn't do (apart from HD). However recent builds have made the depth-resolving kinda wonky. I managed to get some 3D shots of Muramasa. So if you have 3Dvision/passive interlaced glasses/a tacky red-blue spectacles/ability to smirk at wobbly gifs, then have a look, as it is actually quite awesome.